Kunstværkerne "Freedom" og "Love & Peace" er tilgængelige i shoppen

The artworks "Freedom" and "Love & Peace" are available in the shop

News from WSU! We have been busy completing the website and practical necessities and can finally unveil what we have been up to. 

Our chairwoman Olha has been creative and has produced two works of art, which we hope will be well received.

"Freedom" is the name of the first work of art, and "Love & Peace" is the name of the second. Both art pieces are painted in watercolours with predominantly blue and yellow colours inspired by Ukraine and spread the hope of peace and freedom.

You can purchase Olha’s artwork here on our site, printed as postcards in A5 format with rounded corners and premium matte quality. Both cost 35 Kr. (€4.70) per piece. 

Check out the artwork below:

WSU "Freedom" watercolour postcard in A5

WSU "Love & Peace" watercolour postcard in A5

On the product page, it is possible to choose to have the work signed by the artist with a small greeting on the back of the card.

The classic tote bag has arrived

Now you have the opportunity to show your support for Ukraine every time you shop.

With this classic tote bag in durable polyester, you can easily shop for the things you love.

The tote bag is handmade by Ukrainian refugees in Denmark, and you support WSU when you order one or more here in the shop.

See the tote bag.

Membership and contingent

Do you want to become a member of We Support Ukraine?

The contingent is 100 Kr. (€ 13.50), and we need all the support we can get!

Anyone who can agree to our cause and mission is welcome as a member of WSU. If you have the desire and time, you are also more than welcome to participate in our work. We can always use an extra hand to spread the word. Become member.

The coming days, we will unveil further news 😊

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