About WSU

WSupport Ukraine (WSU) is a nonprofit organisation registered in Denmark (EU) that is serving the nation of Ukraine with aid and support in any possible way.

Our dedicated team of volunteers, ambassadors, and management works relentlessly to ensure successful deliveries to Ukrainians who need them the most.

When purchasing products on our store or donating to our cause, you will be supporting Ukraine with food, water, gasoline, medicine, hygiene products, blankets, sleeping mats, diapers, milk powder and winter clothes.

Our contacts and ambassadors in Ukraine receive the goods near the borders and transport them to the cities and villages that need them the most.

Many of our ambassadors now live in war zones around the country; they know what the locals need most and constantly find new logistical ways to ship supplies.

When you buy products on our store or donate to our cause, you support our organisation's goals.

We are a transparent nonprofit organisation. We have open accounts and continuously inform about the status of funds and document what goods we buy from the funding we receive.

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Your support makes a huge difference ❤️

  • Olha Dovhoshyia

    Chairwoman, Headquarters Denmark

  • Jonathan Douarre

    Vice Chairman, Headquarters Denmark

  • Mick Stjernelykke

    Treasurer, Headquarters Denmark

  • Hanne Find

    Board Member, Headquarters Denmark

  • Diana Stjernelykke

    Board Member, Headquarters Denmark

  • Kim Ebbesen

    Deputy board member, Headquarters Denmark

  • Tanya D.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Mikhail S.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Arthur B.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Andrii Y.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Julia M.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Pavel D.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Ivan D.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Zoya I.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Ludmilla B.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Volodymyr O.

    Ambassador, Ukraine

  • Dariia K.

    Ambassador, United States

  • Madsen M.

    Ambassador, United States

  • Hunter K.

    Ambassador, United States

  • Katerina S.

    Ambassador, United Arab Emirates