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Annual member contingent (2022) ❤️

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Become an official member of our organisation and support our cause!

The yearly contingent covers the period 1.1.2022 to 31.12.2022.

Anyone who can agree to our cause and mission is welcome as a member of WSU.

Our mission:

We Support Ukraine is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to help Ukrainians by collecting money and distributing food, water, petrol, medicine, hygiene products, blankets, sleeping pads, nappies, milk powder, winter clothes, etc.

The organisation's network of contacts and ambassadors in Ukraine receives supplies near the border and transports them to the needy in Ukraine.

Many of the organisation's ambassadors live in war zones around the country, know what the locals need most, and learn about the changing logistical options.

The organisation's strength lies in a network of established “checkpoints” that are continuously evaluated and changed in consideration of the security risk to which contacts and ambassadors are exposed. This allows our organisation to supply parts of Ukraine that other aid organisations may have difficulty reaching due to Russia's aggressive warfare.

WSU needs your help!

We Support Ukraine (WSU) is a nonprofit organisation registered in Denmark (EU) that is serving the nation of Ukraine with aid, help and support in any possible way.

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